Our Production and Export Capacity

As a small scale salt manufacturer, founded back in 2006, we put in a lot of hard work to establish ourselves in the Pakistani local market.

We introduced a distinctive class of salt products in Pakistan ranging from salt lamps, salt tiles, bath salts, edible salts, and a variety of industrial salts used in dyeing and other chemical industries. Today, we are the main salt exporter and supplier in Pakistan providing the finest quality salt to a list of giant companies in Pakistan and across the world.

Journey to Becoming Renowned Salt Exporters in Pakistan

The summary of our journey to becoming the largest salt exporters in Pakistan can be told in three words; quality, commitment, and customer service.

We firmly believe in providing our customers with only the best quality salt products. We have never compromised on the quality whatsoever. We are truly committed to keep exceeding our customers; expectations, which makes us their first choice.

Complemented by dedicated customer care, these values have enabled us to become reliable and trusted salt exporters in Pakistan.

Our Production and Export Capacity

We are proud to have a state-of-the-art salt production plant that produces thousands of tons of different salts and salt related goods from the raw Himalayan rock salt every day. We can meet any quantity of salt required by a customer anytime anywhere in the world. And we have been doing this for years with our local and international clients.

If you are interested in taking your salt business to the next level with us, we’ll take care. Just give us the following simple information.