SaltnSalt 360

We Deal in a Variety of Rock Salt Products

Our range of salt products encompasses common table and industrial salts of various kinds, salt lamps, salt tiles, etc.

Table Salt

Finest quality table salt that is good for your mental and physical health.

Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are beautiful decorative pieces that enhance the look and feel of the ambiance.

Himalayan Bath Salt

Himalayan bath salt possesses effective healing capabilities. We preserve them at their best so that it relieves and detoxifies yourself.

Industry Grade Salt

We produce an extensive range of salts for a variety of industries in Pakistan and abroad.

Sea Salt

Season your food with our premium sea salt. Enriched with healthful minerals, it also has a fine taste.

Salt Tiles

Our salt tiles are crafted expertly in beautiful designs and colors that can be used for decoration purposes and building exquisite showpieces.